The world at your fingertips


The world at your fingertips


not only a passion but also a need for travel

Leisure means having time when you’re totally free to do whatever you want. In recent years, it’s a term that’s been increasingly used in contrast with business and the time spent at work. However, we’ve espoused the latest trends in our vision. Instead of opposites, we see business travel and leisure travel as two pieces of the same puzzle that perfectly complement each other and can play a crucial part in employee benefit packages that boost staff satisfaction.

As part of our special deals with companies, staff recreation clubs, associations and trade unions, at Bleisure Travel Company we can provide tailored travel solutions for holidays for company employees, members of recreational clubs, associations and trade unions. Every day, we select the best suppliers on the market so that we can offer our customers exclusive travel solutions for both individuals and groups. Thanks to our services, companies can organize incentive travel, team-building trips or simply great deals on leisure activities or family holidays for all of their employees.

We can provide a comprehensive range of Leisure services that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding travellers, thanks to our wealth of contacts among local players and close ties with top Tour Operators, Cruise Lines and airlines. Our network enables us to offer outstanding, highly competitive prices for all kinds of travel.


Every single detail of our group tours is painstakingly planned

We can make our customer’s wishes come true, because we actively listen to their needs, expectations and dreams. Together, we arrange tailor-made travel with the Bleisure Travel Company hallmark.

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Leisure: tailored travel solutions for both individuals and groups

Thanks to our innovative system and to our Bleisure Holidays platform, at Bleisure Travel Company we can provide bespoke, personally tailored solutions featuring the services of more than 4,200 transport companies, 1 million hotels all over the world and 200,000 experiences and activities.

For the members of staff recreation clubs, associations and trade unions that sign up for the service for their members, we can put together customized packages with alternative options as well as the standard ones. We take an innovative approach based on freedom of choice and on recognizing and championing each traveller’s individual qualities.

The employees of companies and the members of staff recreation clubs, associations and trade unions that have signed up for a Leisure services deal with us can utilize our user-friendly self-booking tool to do the following:

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Check availability

in hotels all over the world.


Look for transport links

to any destination.

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Freely plan itineraries

checking costs and availability in real time.


Check out the travel proposals

put together by our experts.


Choose numerous activities to enjoy during their stay

including cultural tours, trips, adventures, culinary experiences and much more.

Plan your next holiday now!

Find out if you’re eligible for the service


Would you like to sign up for our Leisure services?

Whether you’re from a company, an association, a staff recreation club or a trade union, we’ve got the ideal solution for you. Get in touch!