What does “Bleisure” mean?

BLEISURE is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure” that describes a new trend in the travel market. It encapsulates our identity and our dedication to helping travellers make the most of work trips, by adding leisure components so they get a chance to discover their destinations.

Bleisure Travel Company can serve as a one-stop shop and cater to all of your travel needs, both on the business front and when it comes to organizing holidays with your family.


A host of services

to suit all needs

More than just a travel agency, at Bleisure Travel Company we provide genuine travel experiences for all of our customers.

  • Business Travel

    Our Business Travel department takes care of all logistical and economic aspects of work and business trips. We can handle all of your business travel management needs, simplify operating procedures and optimize travel costs.

    Business Travel
  • Leisure

    We feel both a passion and a need for travel.

    We make it our mission to convey our deep-seated devotion to our customers, as we meet their expectations and make their dreams come true.

  • International tickets for foreign nationals

    Thanks to the business agreements that we’ve made with various airlines, we can offer special deals to foreign nationals who want to travel to their countries of origin.

    International tickets for foreign nationals
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    Endless travel opportunities, all in one place

    We present a unique vision of the travel market in our service for corporate clients, flawlessly fusing business and leisure. Bleisure Travel Company can help you to satisfy numerous needs when it comes to organizing business trips and travel, while also offering your employees benefits, exclusive offers and amazing deals for their holidays, all from the same provider.

    The whole world is within easy reach thanks to Bleisure Travel Company. Even the most remote parts of the planet are more accessible than ever before.

    Make any business trip into a delightful opportunity to discover your destination: all it takes is a click!

    Why choose Bleisure Travel Company?

    Bleisure Travel Company is the obvious choice for companies and associations that espouse the new outlook on work trips and constantly strive to enhance the quality of life and well-being of their staff. Everything at Bleisure Travel Company revolves around a boundless passion for travel, which is now seen not only as a source of pleasure but also a need.

    Travelling is about more than simply moving about. It’s an experience that enriches you and helps you to grow on a cultural level and connect with the world around you. With our meticulous attention to detail and range of tailored services, we do our utmost to make every trip unforgettable for those who choose us as their partner.

    Check out our services:

    Business Travel, with Leisure

    As an innovative business, Bleisure Travel Company S.p.A. reflects the new market trends that see bleisure as the future of tourism. The fusion between business travel and leisure encapsulates our mission: to make the most of work trips by effectively complementing them with leisure components, thus providing concrete opportunities for personal growth and discovery, while also offering the scope to put together trips of all kinds – and to suit all needs – in a quick, smart and simple way.

    No one else can match Bleisure Travel Company’s capacity to meet any travel requirements associated not only with work but also the personal wishes of people who want to organize holidays with their families. We can provide a host of services to satisfy any need and everything we do revolves around a love of travelling.

    What is our mission? To make both business travel and leisure travel more simple and more accessible.

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    Healthcare solutions

    One of our main partners Partner, Medical Tourism Italy, chose to team up with us so we could provide a truly unique service.

    We take care of the comfort and well-being of patients from other countries who come to Italy for medical treatment. We endeavour to cater to their needs in various ways, organizing travel and accommodation in upscale hotels throughout the process and putting on numerous activities to give them a real taste of Italian culture.

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