Business Travel Service

Work and business trips

Business Travel Service

Work and business trips

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A new vision for Business Travel Service

Optimizing business travel service is crucial for big companies where employee transportation costs make up a significant part of the budget, but a lot of time is often wasted seeking out the best possible solutions. In addition, work trips are frequently about more than just getting the job done nowadays. They’re often seen as a chance to mix business with pleasure, as the BLEISURE trend shows. This innovative concept enables business travellers to extend their stays and make work trips into opportunities to explore and unwind. It makes a sound choice that can substantially bolster the package of benefits you offer to your employees.

The combination of work and leisure can enhance the well-being of employees, boost productivity and help to improve their quality of life. Companies that grasp the benefits of the approach can harness them not only on the business front but also in terms of employee satisfaction.

Bleisure Travel Company strives to provide flexible business travel solutions, helping companies to make the most of this emerging trend and ensure their staff have positive travel experiences.

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Business Travel Service:
Our team’s here for you

Our Business Travel department takes care of all logistical and economic aspects of work and business trips. We can handle all of your business travel management needs and optimize costs in accordance with your travel policy. Our services can help any company to make big cuts in transport costs, while also offering outstanding quality, safety, time optimization and well-being on every trip.

We give companies the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to allow employees to carry out booking processes by themselves, improve productivity, constantly monitor spending and keep staff as safe as possible.

We enhance the travel experience and enable companies to simplify corporate travel management. Our corporate clients have access to our leisure travel booking platform, which all employees can use to look through and select an unbeatable range of tourism products.

The benefits of our Business Travel service

The benefits of Bleisure Travel Company’s Business Travel service include a dedicated team focusing solely on the needs of each client, prompt and precise reporting, and customer service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On top of this, cutting-edge technology helps to provide unbeatable safety and comfort for travellers while keeping prices highly competitive.

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Dedicated team

Focusing solely on the needs of each client


Customer service

Run in-house and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Promptly and precisely


Flight bookings

With low-cost tickets or corporate rates

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Bookings for travel by sea and train

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Hotel bookings

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Car rental

With special rates

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Parking deals

With special rates

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Visa applications

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Insurance policies

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